WSO OF THE DAY: [Create & Sell Short Reports]
Time and time again I keep telling my subscribers that… selling digital products (i.e ebooks) is ultimately the ideal way to make long term income on the internet.
It’s like killing 2 birds with 1 stone. 
You make instant money on each product sale PLUS you build an email list of “buyers” at the same time.
 In this course, Create & Sell Short Reports, you get to watch (over-the-shoulder look) as Michael create a short and easy ebook for sale in less than 1 HOUR!
Here’s what you’ll discover:
  • Create a short report in less than 1 hour with solid, no fluff instructions! Even if you’ve never written an ebook before.
  • You’ll see me create a real-life report from scratch including researching it, organizing it, writing it, and publishing it.
  • Set up several of these short report cash machines each week. 
  • How to write the words in a certain way so that people will want to taking action, get results, and buy more reports from you!
  • How to make multiple sales from your report.
  • How to use short reports to take your business to the next level.
  • Plus Much Much More!
My special bonus ONLY to the first 20 buyers… The Ultimate IM Sales Graphics collection that was used to generate over 7-figures in sales! Copy and use these sales graphics for your next product launch!
You have to hurry though! This is a dimesale and the price will rise automatically after each sale, so grab this course while the WSO price is still low at $8.75…

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