Here’s my Honest Digi Store Builder Review, it is an easy to setup tool for creating your own preloaded infoproduct store selling ebooks, videos, and services. But you most likely don’t need this. If you have experience in establishing wordpress or know how to use CPANEL, you can get an online shop up in minutes. If you are a totally brand name new marketer aiming to offer infoproducts with no technical knowledge, then Digi Store Builder might be for you.

Digi Store Builder Review, The Good Ideas:
– Good looking store
– preloaded with items
– fast and easy to setup * You still need domain + hosting
– easy to add new items
– automated item shipment

Digi Store Builder Review, The Bad Things:
– Not a great deal of customizations you can do
– No individual item pages
– Can’t add a great deal of information to the product descriptions

If you wish to try Digi Store Builder, I ‘d appreciate it if you
grab it through my affiliate link here:

* I make honest review videos, I do not buzz things up, if it’s bad, I’ll say its bad. Then I end up not making any commissions from these review videos. So, I do actually value it whenever you utilize my affiliate links for things I do recommend!

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