[DAY 150] My Youtube Journey to Making Money ($100 Day) With Adsense Monetization

My Youtube journey goal completion of 0/day: 15% – 20% Currently, I’m making revenue about /day with some days , still a long way to go to get to 0/day. This months results is slightly higher than the previous month.
Subscribers #: 2750 growing about 250+ a month.

πŸ”₯ Next 30 days goal: Since the beginning, […]

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    [DAY 60] How Much Money I Make From Youtube Monetization Journey

[DAY 60] How Much Money I Make From Youtube Monetization Journey

Day 60 of my youtube journey to making 0/day or 00/month. Currently, I’m making about 7/month about 8%-9% of my goal.

Stats for last 60 days shows a slow and steady upward trend.
I’ve been posting almost everyday.

*Key to focus for the future is to post more videos about how to make money online, since […]

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Making Money on Youtube With 4700 Subscribers πŸ‘‰ [DAY 330]

After 330 days since monetization approval, I now have

4700 subscribers, getting 76,000 views/month, and earning 7/month through youtube adsense monetization.

The last 30 days has been a big increase because of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. People are staying at home and this explains the huge rise in views and earnings with my youtube channel.

See my […]

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How I Made Money $6K Selling Plugins Without Creating Any of Them Myself! 😱

This video case study shows how I made K by selling plugins that I didn’t create myself. I outsourced the plugin developments with fiverr. You can use this strategy to create any kind of products such as: ebooks, videos, software, graphics, animations, plugins, themes, etc. You can sell your digital products at marketplaces like: […]

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How Much Money I Make At WarriorPlus As a Vendor & Affiliate Marketer

I sold my first infoproduct ebook at WarriorPlus.com back in 2014. A couple of years later I’ve became the top 10 most followed seller (vendor) on WarriorPlus. I also promote products on Warrior Plus as an affiliate marketer every now and then. In this video, I show you guys how much money I’ve made. […]

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[DAY 140] Make Money With DailyMotion Monetization UPDATE!

My progress update with dailymotion, I’ve started a new channel with DM about 140 days ago. I have not been very active with uploading on DM lately. But overall the CPM or ad rates that you earn per 1000 views on average is about .50 to on the highend.

If you have good […]

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[DAY 90] My Make Money on Youtube Monetization Journey to Earning $100 Per Day!

WOW! It’s been 90 days already on my youtube monetization journey. Currently, I’m 12% – 15% of reaching my goal of 0/day with youtube. Last 30 days, I’ve made about /day average with the highest day reaching almost ! I’ve been uploading 1 video every single day (I missed a couple of days) for […]

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Demonetized? πŸ€‘ How to Make Money on Youtube WITHOUT Youtube Partner Monetization Adsense

I do now have youtube partner monetization (adsense), but before that I was already making money on youtube. In this video, I show you a few different ways to make money with youtube even if you are demonetized or haven’t quite reach the requirements to become a youtube partner.

πŸ”₯Thanks for watching, please hit […]

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FREE! How to Build a Niche Authority Blog πŸ”₯ Make Money in 30 Day Challenge!

Niche blogging still works! Learn how to build your own authority niche blog in 30 days and finally start making some real money with a real asset. This is not a get rich quick strategy, you’ll be building a real business for long term success.

πŸ”₯ Get the FREE Guide: 30 Day Niche Authority Blogging, […]

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How to Make Money By Flipping Domain Names to Local Business Owners

In today’s video, I teach you how to make some money online by flipping domain names to local business owners such as lawyers, plumbers, dentists, etc. The idea is to buy city domain names with the profession or services such as NewYorkCityDentists.com, DenverRoofers.com, etc etc etc

πŸ‘Need a Domain Name? Check out My Domain Deals […]

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