In today’s lesson for new warriorpluse sellers/vendors, learn how to approve new affiliate requests (these are affiliates interested in promoting your product). Also, learn to set auto-approval for top affiliates, this will save you a lot of time!


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📅 Step-By-Step Tutorial Training Series Go As Follows:
Part 1: Intro
Part 2: Digital Product Creation Ideas
Part 3: Recommended Tools
Part 4: Finish Creating Your Digital Product
Part 5: Setup Sales Funnel: Setup Salespage
Part 5.1 Setup Thank You Pages
Part 5.2 Setup Upsell/Downsell Pages
Part 6: Domain, Nameservers & Uploading Site Files
Part 7: Building Salespage With WordPress
Part 8: Setting Up WarriorPlus Account & Integrations
Part 9: Setting Up Product Listing at WarriorPlus
Part 9.1: Setting Up a Sales Funnel at WarriorPlus
Part ?? and beyond……..JVZOO & Clickbank, launching & advanced tips and tricks coming later.

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